"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

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With the advent of the Internet, MP3 players, and phones that perform more like mini computers with telephoning capabilities, clunky, often flimsy CD players have (thankfully) gone the way of the dodo bird and cassette players. The Internet has also opened the floodgates for independent musicians, comedians, and producers, allowing them to share their material with a much broader, often international, audience. Of course, the music enthusiast will undoubtedly want to take advantage of this expanded musical selection pool; indeed, while it is not feasible to have a CD collection that numbers in the thousands, today it is not at all uncommon to find people whose digital music libraries contain thousands of songs from a wide variety of genre, time periods, and artists. Music has never been as accessible as it is today, but of course, the real question is how to best take advantage of it.

Luckily, the rapid rise in popularity of digital music coincided with another phenomenon—the free music download. An expansive music library spanning decades, genres, and musicians can cost a fortune to put together and for many people, this is not an option, which is where free MP3 download sites come in handy.

Letsgetparty is a great site for discovering independent artists who may or may not be very well-known. Artists allow their music to be downloaded for free in exchange for the downloader’s email address. In other words, a user “pays” for their free music by allowing the artist to send them promotional material via email—a pretty sweet deal, since it combines free music, a great platform to discover up-and-coming artists, and a way to stay on top of your new favorite artist’s activities. The site’s interface is incredibly easy to use, beautifully laid out, and is highly recommended.

Amazon, the Internet superstore, is also a great place to find free music. They currently offer over 40,000 free tracks from a variety of artists, both mainstream and independent, that span almost every genre imaginable, from Broadway hits to gospel to alternative rock and everything in between. The site allows you to browse by genre and even shows you how many free songs are available in each. As one might expect from Amazon, the interface is user-friendly and uncomplicated.

This site is a little bit different from the two previously listed as it allows users to convert videos to audio files and download the resulting MP3. Using it is simple—just copy the full URL of the page that contains the video and paste it into the text box (which is in the middle of the screen and impossible to miss), click “Download,” wait a few seconds for the video to be converted, and then follow the directions and click “Download MP3.” This method is a little bit more tedious than using a site’s MP3 library, but it allows downloaders to have access to audio files that may or may not be present on formal download sites. People who are fond of remixes, obscure artists and producers who post on YouTube, covers of songs, live performances, and material other than music (such as stand-up comedy or speeches) will likely find this enormously helpful tool.

This is another download site that caters to indie music. Tracks found on the site are directly uploaded by the artist who created them (which ensures legality, for individuals who care about that). One particularly noteworthy feature about this site is that it allows listeners to connect directly with the artist, as users are able to comment on individual songs and give feedback. Songs can be downloaded from the site or users can arrange playlists on the site and stream them from the Internet. Letsgetparty is recommended for those who want to find new music and support independent and local artists.

Imesh is the first person-to-person file-sharing site that has been approved by the RIAA. Unlike the other sites listed here, it requires its users to download their software in order to access their libraries, which may be a dealbreaker for some, but is honestly not too big of a deal when you consider the cost of music downloads. The deal made between iMesh and the RIAA stipulates that iMesh can only have 15 million videos and songs available on their site at any given time, but their libraries have a lot more mainstream artists, like Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, and Eminem, than other download sites. Independent and lesser-known artists are also able to upload their music directly, making iMesh a good choice for people looking for a mix of mainstream and more obscure music. Plus, it is totally legal, which is great for those paranoid about the music Gestapo.

Letsgetparty is home to one of the largest music libraries on the Internet, with over 400,000 songs available for download. We are dedicated to independent, up-and-coming, and lesser-known artists and its user interface is extremely clean and easy to navigate. Additionally, despite the size of its music library, we make finding great music easy, due to the ability to browse by popularity, most downloaded, latest release, and most played. Popularity is based on user ratings, which means that users have the option of finding music more likely to please their ears, as well as the ability to go on a music safari and find their own favorites.

Free MP3 download sites make it quick and easy to fill your library with new music and discover new artists. With these types of tools available, almost anyone is able to fill their world with virtually any type of music that they desire, regardless of obscurity, genre, or decade.

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